Macaron Flavours

Signature recipes to suit every palette

Our macarons are perfectly light and delicately crisp on the outside, with a chewy interior and filled with the finest ganaches, award winning curds and creams which sets the above the rest. Our entire range is gluten free, suitable for vegetarians and contains no artificial flavours.

We love any excuse to experiment so if you have something special in mind let us know.

If you would like to order any of the flavours shown below, please contact us by calling 07810 305 742 or email

Mixed boxes of macarons are available via post in our shop

Signature Flavours

Our collection is forever growing however these are signature flavours which we keep in stock at all times.

Chocolate Orange

Our signature smooth dark chocolate ganache is paired with fresh orange curd with honey overtones.

Lemon Lime

A citrus lemon and lime curd filling, sharp, smooth, and ultra zingy.

Lime & Basil

Fresh zingy lime with a subtle hint of basil.

Lychee, Rose and Raspberry

A delicate lychee cream with hints of rose with a fruity raspberry centre.

Simply Chocolate

A smooth and rich dark chocolate ganache with 70% cacao.

Madagascan Vanilla

The light delicate flavour of vanilla beans infused with our creamy white chocolate ganache.

Rhubarb and Vanilla

Gorgeously sweet rhubarb paired with Vanilla beans, a perfect little tart without a hint of tartness

Sea salted caramel

Indulgent caramel with flakes of Maldon sea salt.

Passionfruit and lemon

Velvety lemon blended with tangy passion fruit.

Berries and cream

Deliciously ripe summer berries with a smooth mascarpone cream.


Hazelnut praline blended with a milk chocolate ganache

Vanilla Sprinkles

Our signature creamy white chocolate ganache, with hundreds and thousands sprinkles.


A true classic. A creamy ganache made with chunks of real pistachio.

Cafe Mocha

Creamy espresso ganache mellowed with a dark chocolate centre makes this a coffee lovers dream.

Lemon Zest

A citrus lemon zest curd filling, sharp, smooth, and ultra zingy.

Mango and passionfruit

Deliciously smooth mango and passionfruit cream with a tangy passionfruit centre.

Pina Colada

A cocktail of pineapple and coconut liqueur curd.

Ice Cream Matcha

Japanese green tea has been expertly blended to create a delicious ice cream flavour.

Peanut butter and chocolate

Smooth creamy peanut butter with a dark chocolate centre.


Really, really rich raspberry curd.

Milk Chocolate and Passionfruit

Deliciously smooth milk chocolate ganache expertly blended with passionfruit puree.  

Seasonal Flavours

The seasons come and go, so do these flavours. We are happy to bring them back for bespoke orders with a minimum order quantity of 30 macarons.

Baileys Irish Cream

Baileys Original Irish cream liqueur with subtle hints of vanilla, chocolate and Irish whisky.

Gin and Tonic

G and T with ice and a slice. No ice in this case, but a delicious lemon curd with Gin and Tonic!

Fig and Orange

A creamy fig cream curd with a zingy orange centre, a seasonal delight.

Turkish delight

Deliciously scented with rose water, this creamy curd filled is absolute delight. 

Mint Chocolate

Our darkest chocolate infused with a mint syrup

Maron Glace

Candied sweet chestnut pieces in a whipped chestnut cream


Hazelnut praline blended with a milk chocolate ganache

Toffee Apple

A delicious velvety apple curd swirled with toffee

Whisky Caramel

Our classic caramel laced with Glenlevit Single Malt whisky


Pontefract liquorice cakes blended into a smooth cream

Blackcurrant and Star Anise

Bursting with fruit and a hint of aniseed.

Double Cherry

Morello cherry cream with a dark cherry centre, double delicious.

Elder flower

A delicately creamy elderflower curd

Mulled Wine

A traditional festive tipple turned into an aromatic creamy filling.


An elegantly flavoured champagne cream filling.

Allergens:  Milk, nuts ( almonds), egg whites